JunoBox B.V. is an independent ICT company that focuses entirely on monitoring and the (remote) management of ICT infrastructure in the SME segment. Also to manage, migrate, optimize and deploy messaging and collaboration applications and virtualization solutions, please contact JunoBox B.V. The procedure of B.V. JunoBox characterized by service-oriented, integrity, trust, result-oriented and professionalism.

JunoBox B.V. has developed a new service for SMEs: 24x7 remote monitoring.
With this service we are able to monitor your network / server (s) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. By installing a so-called "agent" on your IT equipment / server(s) we get status updates from all your business important aspects of your IT infrastructure. Therefore we are able to anticipate very quickly to issues or potential problems. We are already working to solve your problem before you know that there is a problem!

Remote management
Remote management is proactively manage remotely and monitor the IT infrastructure of your company. JunoBox B.V. provides the ability to manage the network remotely. Especially customers that has no, or no full-time administrators in the house will have with this service solution their infrastructure up-to-date and thus prevents problems. It is even possible to outsource the entire technical system.

Managed Email Protection
Manager Email Protection is an innovative service that provides a solution to the explosive growth in SPAM. Take SPAM to you so much time and you find it annoying?

Messaging & Collaboration
Messaging & Collaboration applications enable organizations to improve cooperation and communication between employees, departments and organizations.
The essence of collaboration is to optimize information flow by bridging the gap between structured and unstructured data. Through a collaboration strategy to enter information flows are structured out, work processes, improved and optimized communication. Also, collaboration can contribute to an active policy with regard to knowledge management and assurance.
Messaging & Collaboration is in fact a cross-platform solution encompasses multiple disciplines such as email and calendering, document management, content management, workflow management, portals, instant messaging, corporate directories, etc.

Virtualization is the opinion of JunoBox B.V. beyond simply virtualizing hardware. Although server virtualization is often a very cost effective way to consolidate the number of servers, we see virtualization as a way to increase your reliability and availability.
Through virtualization operating systems can be logically separated from the underlying hardware (server virtualization), applications can be separated from the data (storage virtualization), applications can be separated from the underlying operating systems (application virtualization and streaming) and can functions be separated from physical locations (data center virtualization).
When virtualization capabilities are applied correctly, can save costs, the capacity of your server infrastructure is increased by a better allocation of resources and improved reliability and availability. Virtualization also gives you the opportunity to create disaster recovery of critical application(s) or server(s) to disaster recovery of an entire data center.
Another application that can provide virtualization is a development, testing and acceptance environment (DTAP). With virtualization, it is possible to make an online copy of one or more servers when it is necessary to have a test or acceptance environment.

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